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Apple Twist
Smart Toys and Games


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Three hungry caterpillars want to eat from the same apple. Can you bend them into shape so that they all can fit? This logic game requires flexible thinking! The caterpillars are adjustable… and so is the apple game board!

With 60 challenges from easy to expert, Apple Twist offers plenty of food for thought!


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The Apple Twist game is a captivating logic challenge that beckons players to engage their minds in a delightful puzzle-solving adventure. As three eager caterpillars hunger for a taste of the same apple, the task is to manipulate and bend them cleverly to ensure they all find a place on the adjustable apple game board. The game’s brilliance lies in its 60 challenges, ranging from easy to expert, demanding players to employ flexible thinking and spatial insight.

The five twisting levels of the apple game board provide a dynamic platform for creating diverse puzzles, offering a variety of on-the-go fun. Not only does Apple Twist entertain, but it also serves as a powerful tool for cognitive development. By engaging in this game, players enhance their problem-solving, planning, and logic skills.

Crafted with the utmost quality materials, the set includes a twisting apple game board, three caterpillar puzzle pieces, and a challenge booklet. The straightforward game play involves choosing a challenge, configuring the apple game board by twisting its segments, placing the caterpillars strategically, and ultimately arriving at the unique solution provided in the challenge booklet. The Apple Twist game guarantees an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

  • An “apple” game board with five twisting levels to create different puzzles!
  • Includes 60 challenges and is great for on the go fun.
  • Helps develop Spatial Insight, Problem Solving, Planning and Logic Skills
  • All SmartGames are made with the highest quality materials to ensure long product life
  • Set Includes twisting apple game board, 3 caterpillar puzzle pieces and challenge booklet

How to Play Apple Twist Game

Step 1: Choose a challenge. Create the game board shown by twisting the correct sides of the apple into place. The apple game board is divided into 5 horizontal segments that can each be rotated 180°.

Step 2: Place the 3 caterpillars on the apple game board. Easy challenges offer hints about the position of some of the caterpillars.

Step 3: There is only one solution, shown at the end of the challenge booklet.

CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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