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Bandit’s Memory Mix Up
Peaceable Kingdom


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Bandit the Raccoon has taken something from the garden and wants you and your friends to figure out what’s missing! This is a cute and fun memory game for children ages 3 years and up. It’s easy to play and there’s no reading involved.

Included in the box is one spy glass and 50 garden tokens.

Here’s how you play: Take some garden tokens and slide them into the spy glass. Fewer tokens should be used for younger children and more for older children. Once tokens are in the spy glass, have the child/children look at the pictures on the tokens and try to remember all of the pictures.

Give them a minute to look. Turn the spy glass over and secretly slide one of the tokens out. Turn the spy glass over again. One picture will be missing. As soon as someone shouts out the correct missing picture, they are given that missing token.

First child to collect 5 tokens wins the game.

Note: Some parents of very young children choose not to use this as a competitive game and simply use it as a SOLO memory game. This is also fun for small children. There’s always time to add in the competitive rules at a later time.

• Memory
• Solo Play
• Competitive Play

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1. Let’s play “I Spy”! Take the spy glass from the box. Sit in a room with your child. Put the spy glass up to your eye and say “I spy with my own eyes, something in this room that is the color.” and name a color of an object in the room. Hand your child the spy glass and have him/her look for an object in the room that is the color you named. They can guess as many Omes as they need until the correct object is discovered. It’s okay to give your child clues if they’re having some difficulty finding the object and don’t forget to remind them to use their spy glass to help them on their quest! Once they guess the object, it’s your child’s turn to “I Spy”.

2. Kids love finding treasures. Hide something for your child to find. A good-sized stuffy, a large toy, nothing too small. Limit the area you will be hiding something in and let your child know what area it will be in. Give your child hot and cold clues, hot meaning the treasure is close and cold meaning the treasure is far away. BUT…before he/she begins, don’t forget to give them their very own detective spy glass to help them find the treasure!!

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3 years+