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Eye Found It!


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This is a unique, cooperative search-and-find game with all the well-known Disney characters. It is recommended for ages 4 through adult. As a team, move through several magical realms towards Aurora’s Castle. Zoom ahead where you can find over 1000 hidden objects along the way. As a group, you must get to the castle before Maleficent can cast her spell on Aurora to win the game!!!

• Visual Acuity
• Object Iden0fication
• Matching
• Speed
• Counting
• Cooperation

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• Take the spinner and Mickey Mouse markers from the game and use for some math fun! The spinner contains the numbers 1 through 8. Start with coun0ng and addition skills. Let your child spin the spinner. If he/she spins a 5, have your child count out and put 5 Mickey Mouse markers in front of them. Let them spin again. Maybe they spin a 3.

Again, let them count out and put 3 more markers in front of them, separating the two sets of markers a bit. Then ask your child, how much is 5 and then 3 more? Then have them count all the markers together for the answer. Continue the game.

• Take out the deck of blue and red object cards that are included in the game. (Each card is an individual object of a bicycle, flower pot, boat, etc.) If you’re going for a walk with your child, to the park or on a long car ride, use the object cards as a treasure hunt! Go through the cards without your child and select the objects you think your child might see on your journey. There are tons of object cards for you to choose from. When you’re ready to go, you can give them the cards. One at a 0me, all at once, however, it works best for you. It’s a great way to keep a child busy in the car and a lot of fun when taking a long walk together!

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Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions16 × 2.75 × 10.75 in

4 years+