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Freeze Dance with Chilly
Blue Orange Games


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It is time to freeze dance with Chilly!!! An extremely adorable and interactive large motor skills game for children (and children at heart) ages 4 and up. The game can be played solo or with multiple players. There are 5 special songs Chilly sings but you must listen carefully. When Chilly says FREEZE you must make sure to freeze when Chilly tells you to!! Chilly also plays The Floor is Lava with you.

•  Creative Child Magazine’s Creative Play of the Year

•  Large Motor Skills
•  Listening Skills
•  Communications
•  Following Instructions

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• Let’s update the old game of “Simon Say’s” and make it “Chilly Say’s”. It’s a great way to continue working on your child’s listening skills. If you don’t know how to play, here’s how it works:

Have your child/children stand up facing you. You are going to tell them to do different actions like run in place, touch their toes, sit down, turn around, etc. However, you will always start by saying, “Chilly Say’s” touch your toes, Chilly Say’s sit down. Then your child/children can perform that ac&on. He/she must listen carefully because if you DO NOT say Chilly Say’s and simply say touch your toes and they touch their toes, they are OUT OF THE GAME!! Play con&nues until only one person is left standing.

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Dimensions 6.25 × 4.25 × 5.5 in

4 years+