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Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Game
Peaceable Kingdom


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Friends and Neighbors is a cooperative game for children ages 3 years and up that helps develop the social/emotional skills of empathy and compassion. Specifically, Friends and Neighbors is a matching game focusing on emotions.

There are four game boards with 9 pictures on each board. In each picture, your child encounters someone with a problem. For instance, a boy has scraped his knee, he’s crying, and in the circle there is a picture of a band-aid, OR, a girl is standing in the rain and is getting wet, in the circle is a picture of an umbrella, etc. Your child will reach into the “helping bag” to pull out a token.

Can that token help someone on the game board your child has chosen for that game? If so, it’s a match! In playing the game and reading about feelings in the pamphlets included, you can help your child recognize feelings in others.

• Empathy
• Compassion
• Cooperation
• Verbal Skills

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When the game is no longer being played by your child, remove the helping bag and the 14 picture tokens from the game box. Put the tokens into the bag. Have your child shake the bag and then remove a token from the bag without looking. Let’s say he/she selected the ice cream cone. Have a conversation about the object. You can ask what flavor ice-cream he/she likes, what flavor they don’t like, what color the ice cream in the picture is, etc. You can do this numerous 1mes for each token. This is a great way to get your child talking, encouraging verbal skills and increasing their vocabulary. Have some fun.

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3 years+