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Go Away Monster!


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Too many monsters? Reach into the bag and feel around to find the pieces that fit your bedroom game board. If you pull out a monster, don’t be scared… just tell that silly old thing to go away. Then get rid of it for good by tossing it into the monster pit and out of your room. You take charge, and the monsters take off!

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The Game Where Little Kids Get Rid of the Monsters for Good!

Dive into the enchanting world of the Go Away Monster game, a delightful experience that not only entertains but also imparts valuable skills to your little ones. As your child engages in this captivating game, they embark on a journey of shape recognition, sharing, cooperation, and newfound empowerment over nighttime fears.

The core of the Go Away Monster game lies in problem-solving through tactile exploration. When faced with a bedroom game board overwhelmed by too many monsters, the challenge becomes finding the right pieces that seamlessly fit into the puzzle. This hands-on activity not only sharpens shape recognition skills but also enhances fine motor abilities as your child reaches into the bag, feeling around for the perfect match.

The magic unfolds when a monster is discovered. Instead of succumbing to fear, the game encourages your child to take charge. Channeling their inner bravery, they bravely command the monster to “go away.” The transformative moment comes when the monster is swiftly tossed into the monster pit, banished from the bedroom for good. This interactive process not only teaches assertiveness but also turns bedtime into a triumphant ritual where your child becomes the master over those pesky nighttime monsters.

Beyond the excitement of the game, Go Away Monster instills important values like sharing and cooperation. As children navigate the challenges together, they learn the joy of collaboration and the satisfaction of a shared victory. The game, with its colorful components and engaging narrative, creates an atmosphere of fun learning that extends far beyond the gameplay itself.

So, immerse your little ones in the Go Away Monster game – a magical blend of entertainment and education, where the power to conquer fears and the joy of cooperation converge into an unforgettable experience. Let them take charge, and watch as the monsters obediently take off, leaving behind a room filled with triumph and newfound confidence.


  • 4 bedroom boards
  • 8 monsters
  • 16 bedroom pieces
  • 1 cloth bag
  • Rules in Spanish
  • Rules of Play


  • fine motor skills
  • shape identification
  • visual discrimination

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 × 8.1 × 2.3 in

3 years+