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Kids On Stage – The Charades Game for Kids


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Kids on Stage is an amazing charades game for children age 3 to 8 years of age and for “kids at heart”. It helps promote imagination, creative thinking and communication. Children can play with or without the help of parents or caregivers as there is no reading involved. However, the youngest kids will most likely need and want adult participation. The game contains one game board with spinner, 60 character cards and 6 playing pieces.

Here’s how the game is played: Spin the spinner. Move your playing piece that number of spaces. You will land on a space with a specific color. Select a character card with that same color as the space you landed on. Look at your card but do not show the picture to anyone else. Act out the picture on your card. All other players must guess what you are acting out!

• National Parenting Publications Award
• Early Childhood News Award

• Creative Thinking
• Imagination
• Coordination
• Communication
• Counting
• Color Recognition

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Charades for kids, the Kids on Stage game sparks imaginative play in ages 3-8 and the young at heart. Encouraging creativity and communication, it’s accessible for solo or group play without reading. With a game board, spinner, 60 cards, and 6 pieces, spin, move, act out scenes, and guess for laughter-filled learning. Award-winning, it enhances cognitive skills.


1. For younger children: Use the game board to count, identify colors and numbers. First, work with your child on color identification. Find all the blue circles, green, red, etc. Count the different color circles separately. Next have your child count ALL of the circles together. Once they can do this easily, move on to the next exercise. Have your child spin the spinner and identify the number on the spinner (spinner goes up to #8). Once they tell you what number they have on the spinner, have them count that many number of spaces on the board. Have your child do this until it is easily accomplished and move on. This is something that should be fun and done over time. You should not do this for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

2. For children who are a bit older. Start using the 60 character cards. This is a great exercise to get your children talking and having conversations!! Put the cards in a small sandwich bag (so you don’t lose them). Have your child select a card from the bag. Let’s say they pulled out a picture of an elephant. Start asking your child questions about the picture he/she has. What is it, is it big or little, where can you find it, etc. The questions you ask your child will be based on the age of your child. If your child is young, the question will be very basic, older children can be asked more in-depth questions. If a card is pulled that neither you nor your child know much about, what a great time to do some research together!

This charades for kids game is recommended for ages 3-8.

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3 years+