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Little Red Riding Hood
Smart Toys and Games


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Little Red Riding Hood is a problem-solving game for children ages 4 years and up. It is a single-player game or you can assist your child with the problems and play together. Two heads are better than one!!

Help Red Riding Hood create paths to get her to her grandmother’s house with puzzle pieces and create paths for the wolf to get to grandmother’s house. “But beware, the wolf might get there faster!” There are 48 puzzles in all to be solved that get progressively more difficult.

• Spatial Insight
• Planning
• Problem-Solving
• Concentration
• Visual Perception

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• Let your child’s imagination go wild!! Since this game is based on a fairy tale, let’s continue down the same path. Take Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and shake them up in your hands. Put one in each of your hands so your child cannot see which hand is holding which character. Have them choose a hand and when you open your hand, the character will be revealed. If you revealed Red Riding Hood, have your child create a short fairy tale that he/she can tell you verbally. Red Riding Hood must be one of the characters in the story told. You can do this with the wolf and other characters as well!

• If you feel your child is not quite ready for storytelling, give him/her crayons and paper and have them draw a story with a character in it and tell you what the picture is about.

• Little Red Riding Hood also includes a family-friendly picture book with a SmartGames ‘twist’ on the original tale.

Warning: Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3.

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Dimensions 11.42 × 2.36 × 9.45 in

4 years+