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Monkey Around
Peaceable Kingdom


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Monkey Around game is a super silly wiggle-and-giggle play-together game developed specifically for children ages 2 years and up. This amazing game teaches children simple skills like balancing, hopping, and marching by listening to prompts given on the 40 cards included that will get you and your toddler up and moving!!

• Social Emotional Awareness
• Gross Motor
• Hand-Eye Coordination
• Spatial Concepts
• Pretend Play
• Vocabulary Development

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Monkey Around is not just a game; it’s an imaginative tool that offers countless opportunities for extended play and learning. Delve deeper into the banana-shaped magic that comes in the box and explore a variety of engaging activities that go beyond the confines of the game.

1. Object Matching — One exciting suggestion is to transform the banana into an Object Matching adventure. When the initial thrill of the game diminishes, repurpose the banana as a tool for a scavenger hunt. Encourage your child to roam around the house, venture outside, or even accompany you to the store, clutching the banana as their trusty companion. The task is simple yet effective: identify items in their surroundings that share similarities in color, shape, or size. This not only enhances observational skills but also sparks creativity.

2. Conceptual Thinking — As your child becomes a seasoned explorer with the banana, elevate the challenge with Conceptual Thinking. Instead of the banana, let them pick another familiar object – perhaps a small toy, an apple, or a plush friend. Apply the same instructions, fostering conceptual thinking as they draw connections between the chosen object and their environment. This versatile activity stimulates cognitive development and reinforces the ability to categorize and conceptualize.

3. Problem Solving — Take the learning experience a step further by incorporating Problem Solving into the mix. Encourage your child to experiment with the banana in unconventional ways. Can they make it roll smoothly on different surfaces, slide gracefully from one point to another, or even stand it on end without toppling over? This exercise not only challenges their problem-solving skills but also promotes a hands-on understanding of physics and basic principles of stability.

Monkey Around extends far beyond the confines of the game board. It’s a versatile companion that stimulates creativity, enhances cognitive abilities, and provides endless opportunities for exploration. You and your children will undoubtedly cherish the multifaceted learning journey that Monkey Around offers!

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Dimensions 9 × 4 × 8 in

2 years+