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Racoon Rumpus
Educational Insights


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Raccoon Rumpus is a fun and easy-to-learn game for children ages 3 years and up. The game works on color identification skills, identification of clothing and game play. There is no reading involved and even though the game is geared to 3-year-olds, older children love playing this game as well. The main objective of this game is to be the first player to dress their 3D raccoon card with 5 costume cards before any other player. Raccoon Rumpus comes with four 3D raccoon cards, 2 dice, 1 color die and 1 clothing die, and 20 costume cards.

How To Play: Lay all 20 costume cards in center of the playing area face up. Keep your 3D raccoon card in front of you. On your turn, roll both dice. If you roll a “red” on the color die and a “shirt” on the clothing die, find a red shirt from the center costume card pile and put it on your 3D raccoon. Your turn is over and play continues to the next player.

BUT BE CAREFUL!!!! If anyone rolls a pair of underwear on the clothing die, they MUST remove all the costumes their raccoon has accumulated so far and return them to the center pile. (NOTE TO PARENTS: Some parents choose not to use this rule for 3-year-old children. Use your own judgment with your child.) You can always add this rule when your child is a little older.

• Color Identification
• Clothing Identification
• Taking Turns
• Concentration

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Let’s have some fun with the color die and get your child up and running. Have your child roll the color die. Let’s say he/she rolls the color red. Have him/her get up and “tag” 3 things that are the color red. Have them come back and roll again. Repeat with the other colors!!

If you do not want this game to be quite so active and want a calm activity, you can do the same game but instead of “tag” just have your child name 3 things they see in the color they have rolled. You can open a picture book and have them look for those colors in that picture book, you can have them go to their own closet and find clothing in the colors they have rolled, etc. Be creative!!

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3 years+