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Smart Car 5×5
Smart Toys and Games


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Smart Car 5 x 5 is a terrific problem-solving game for children ages 4 years and up. It is a single player game or a great game for a parent or adult to assist a child with problem-solving puzzles and play together. In this game, kids solve 96 problems by placing 5 blocks into the car provided according to the clues given. As you progress, the problems become more challenging. Even for the adults!!!

• Spatial Insight
• Concentration
• Problem-SolvingPlanning
• Logic

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• Use the 5 colored blocks as a memory game. Depending on the age of the child or, just as a trial run of the game, only use three of the five blocks to make the game a bit easier. For instance, take the red, yellow and blue blocks and put them in a straight line on a level surface. Have your child touch each block with their finger and slowly say the color of each block. In this case, red, yellow, and blue. Have them do that two or three Games. Then, take the blocks off the surface and hand the blocks back to your child. See if they can set the blocks back on the surface in the same color order. If it’s too hard, drop back to two blocks, too easy, add a block, etc.

• Children love building towers with blocks. These blocks are not straight shapes. See how many ways your child can build a tower with these blocks. Can they make it balance or will it fall over?

•  1 5-wheel car
• 5 different colors
• 1 challenge booklet for preschool with 48 challenges and solutions
• 1 booklet for primary school with 48 harder challenges and solutions

Warning: Small parts

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 3 × 9.5 in

4 years+