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Tongues Out
Blue Orange Games


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Tongues Out is an updated version of the memory game Pengoloo from Blue Orange Games and it is for children ages 4 years and older. In this version, cute li>le Pug dogs have eaten up all the colored lollipops and their tongues have turned the colors of the lollipops they have eaten. Can you remember which Pug has eaten which color lollipop? Push gently on their backs and watch as they stick out their colored tongues!! On your turn, roll the color die, then try to find two Pugs who have eaten that color lollipop. The first player to match six Pugs wins the game.

• Creative Child Magazines CreaDve Play of the Year
• The Toy Insider Top Holiday Toy
• PAL (Play on Words) Award
• Moms Choice Award Gold
• ASTRA Best Toy for Kids Finalist

• Memory
• Concentration
• Social Play

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There are 24 cute li>le Pugs. Using them is a fun way to hone you child’s math skills. Always start at the easiest math level for your child. It will give him/her an instant feeling of success and inspire him/her to try more difficult tasks.

1. For young children, you can start by simply counting the 24 Pugs. Once they can do that with ease, let them try counting backwards from 24 to 0.

2. Next, try doing some simple addition with your child. You can give them one Pug and then put two more Pugs in front of them, asking, if you have one Pug and then get two more, how many do you have? Repeat, using different combinations. Remember to keep it easy and build up to the harder combinations. Go slow and don’t be in a hurry!!

3. Once your child has mastered addition, you can start doing simple subtraction with the Pugs, using the same directions. Easy combinations first, building up to harder math skills later. The combinations are limitless.

  • Color Recognition – Memory Game
  • 2 to 4 players
  • Include 12 Pugs, 4 Parklets Cards, 2 Lollipop dice, illustrated rules


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Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 10 in

4 years+